A Bodhi Tree Concert - Brenda Fernandes

A Bodhi Tree Concert - Brenda Fernandes

Bodhi Tree - Music Concert -Brenda Fernandes

Saturday, October 26th 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Free / Please consider offering a donation

Brenda Fernandes is a devotional/world musician, singer, song writer and visual artist. She uses the healing power of harmony, vibration and rhythm to bring the listener into a relaxed state of mind. She blends meditative beats, harmonium, synthesizer and soothing vocal melodies with mantra and prayerful lyrics. Her angelic sound emanates from the soul. Audiences have described her concerts as uplifting and inspiring. Her value of peace and joy became dominant in her life which led her to devotional and sacred music. She believes music has the power to heal and connect one to the love in their heart.


Please let us know if your re interested in coming below:

Tibetan Sand Mandala Workshop

Tibetan Sand Mandala Workshop

Tibetan Sand Mandala Workshop

We are in the process of planning a unique workshop based on The Tibetan Buddhist traditional design, creation and destruction of a sand mandalas. This will be a four week class in Sept-October (dates have not been set yet) Students will learn about the tradition and techniques of laying designs of colored sand, symbolism and meditation. This deeply moving and calming process was so amazing we are going to offer it again this year! Students will be asked to participate in a destruction ceremony where all the compassionate efforts and wishes that we put into the artwork is offered out to universe. Stay tuned as we plan to announce this workshop soon!

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Piano Lessons @ the Bodhi Tree

Piano lessons are now being offered at the Bodhi Tree



Edward Cremo is a composer, pianist and teacher. He lives in Honesdale and devotes himself to teaching, composing and editing music. Among his compositions are a collection of songs for voice and piano, works for piano solo, chamber works, works for chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra. His String Quartet was premiered by members of the London Bach Orchestra and his commissioned works Sound Logic and Requiescat were given their respective premiers by Premiere Ensemble, also of London. He is also dedicated to furthering the mission of the Cooperage Project, a small not-for-profit Organization based in Honesdale. The Cooperage works to cultivate social awareness and foster civic engagement in order to build a strong and vibrant community. We love Edward for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. His philosophy as an instructor is: "to give my students the tools they need to become well rounded, skillful and confident musicians". 

“Good teaching, then is much more than a process through which one person instructs another. The relationship between teacher and student is complementary. An effective teacher is a partner in learning. Teaching is a shared adventure.”

— Edward Cremo


To contact Edward about available times and prices please click the link below:



Every Wednesday !

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

No Set Fee: By Donation!

This working studio night is open to all artists in our community 13 years of age and up! It is an opportunity to work on your craft with other artists, writers, poets, musicians and dreamers… Come with your supplies to work on your own creative work, enjoy the featured artwork on our gallery walls, and be with other imaginative minds striking up inspirational conversations. There may be a delicious snack or two. Who knows, there may even be spontaneous live acoustic music to enjoy! There is no set fee, the space is available through your donation. It is very important that we can continue to offer this inclusive event to everyone!

No pre-registration is necessary. Some limited art supplies and clay are available for purchase as well.