The Teachers, The Dreamers… THE BODHI TREE

Heather Hogan-Spencer

Heather is a graduate of Marywood University with a B.A. in Graphic Design and an M.A. in Studio Art. Heather has completed graduate studies at the Instituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, through Drake University. She has instructed students in various media both privately and in groups since 1989. She has six years experience working in children’s mental health, at Children’s Services Center In Wilkes-Barre, PA, and three years experience working with toddlers on the autism spectrum in an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention setting. She's currently job coaching adults with disabilities through Community Vocational Services and her recent artwork includes children’s book and magazine illustration, sculpture, graphic design and photography.

James Spencer

Spencer is a potter and sculptor who has taught work with clay and other three- dimensional media to children and adults both in the therapeutic setting and privately since 1997. He is a graduate of Marywood University and Millersville University, currently holding an M.S. in Psychology. Spencer has many years experience as a family therapist, utilizing family, group and art therapies with children, adolescents and adults. He has spent five years as a Care Manager at Community Care in Moosic, PA and is currently the Children’s Services and Intersystems Director at Northeast Behavioral Health Care Consortium in Moosic, PA. Spencer’s current work includes pottery, ceramic sculpture, and photography.

Adjunct Bodhi Tree Teachers (or the Bodhi Branches)

We are gathering a number of teachers, "elders", gurus and otherwise amazing individuals to help offer even more to our community! We will introduce them below as we grow together. Perhaps, you may wish to grow with us!

Cheyenne Friscia - Ceramics, Pottery, Acrylic and Photography

Cheyenne is a graduate of Honesdale High School. She's been an artist since she could pick up a crayon although she's only been wheel throwing for 3 years, and what amazing progress she has made in such little time! Cheyenne aspires to one day go to art school and become a teacher but for now she's happily at home at the Bodhi Tree. She is currently working on making pottery for Bloom to help raise money in support of the hospital beading program. Recent artwork includes pottery, acrylic painting, photography and much more! Cheyenne is our newest teacher and is currently focused on teaching ceramics at the in the Bodhi Tree!

Erika Duffy - (Yoga Instruction and Meditation - Thursdays)

Erika is a certified yoga and meditation facilitator. She first stepped on her mat in 2002 and began teaching five years later. After experiencing unexpected relief from chronic pain, anxiety and depression through consistent practice , she became passionate about sharing what she learned. Erika is excited to offer an introduction to the practices of yoga and meditation to the Bodh Tree family. Whether you're completely new to yoga and meditation or interested in refreshing your existing understanding, this series of classes will increase comfort, confidence and understanding. While it is not necessary to attend each week, classes will build off each other so students will gain a growing comprehension of teaching to address daily challenges on and off the mat Join us for Both Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes or take them independently!

Edward Cremo - Piano Lessons

Edward is a composer, pianist and teacher. he lives in Honesdale and devotes himself to teaching, composing and editing music. Among his compositions are a collection of songs for voice and piano, works for piano solo, chamber works, works for chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra. His String Quartet was premiered by members of the London Bach Orchestra and his commissioned works Sound Logic and Requiescat were given their respective premiers by Premiere Ensemble, also of London.He is also dedicated to furthering the mission of the Cooperage Project, a small not-for-profit Organization based in Honesdale. The cooperage works to cultivate social awareness and foster civic engagement in order to build a strong and vibrant community. We love Edward for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. His philosophy as an instructor is: "to give my students the tools they need to become well rounded, skillful and confident musicians". 

Good teaching, then is much more than a process through which one person instructs to another. The relationship between teacher and student is complementary. An effective teacher is a partner in learning. Teaching is a shared adventure.
— Edward Cremo

To sign up for piano lessons AT the Bodhi Tree or for available times and prices,
please click the link Below or call edward at 570.903.4874.

Aril Bryant

All our work here at the Bodhi Tree is dedicated to our dear friend Aril, who was a shining light in our lives and the lives of all who loved her. Together, we dreamed about a space that would combine healing, wellness and joy through the arts, creative arts therapies, poetry, music, movment and even delicious, healthy food. This new Bodhi Tree is the beginning of that dream.

So, Aril darlin', you are permanently on staff here at the Tree. We are madly watering the seeds of your beautiful ideas, holding your light and love tightly in our hearts and unleashing it wildly through our classes and community endeavors.

Thanks for all that love, Lovemuffin.

Our Mission

To create a safe, nurturing space
That helps everyone to awaken and to find peace, joy, health,
compassion and community
through participation in arts from cultures around the world.

What We Do:

• Explore life through multi-cultural arts.

• Assist others to be as they are, in this present movement.

• Serve others to heal in a journey of self discovery.

• Embrace this life experience fully.

• Create a personal adventure through the arts.

• Work with the "child" in us all.

• Play.

• Travel together in a heroic journey though creativity, imagination and adventure.

• Discover who we are.

• Experience joy.

• Create a safe, nurturing space for others to find
what each person is searching for in life.