A presentation by Rev. Glenn of Trees

Sept 28 2019

Celebrating the 812th Birthday of the Persian poet Rumi

Starting at 7:00pm


This evening is a gift of Love in words whose intent is for you, the gathered, to resoundingly enter the spinning rapture in order to dance yourselves out of your mind.

Listening with an open heart

free of any need for understanding the steps

let the divine vibrations of this Sufi Master's poetry turn you

back into your original conception.


Rev Glenn of Trees is a metaphysical "rock on tour", and spiritual director of The Mission of the Laughing Heart. He describes himself as being a scribe of The Word and a "Light Worker", assisting in the ascension of the HU-man and the Plan-ET. In this light, he lives in reverence and awe of Rumi, his Friend, and Rumi his dog. He believes “Laughter is the message of the Uni-verse.”