Piano lessons are now being offered at the Bodhi Tree



Edward Cremo is a composer, pianist and teacher. He lives in Honesdale and devotes himself to teaching, composing and editing music. Among his compositions are a collection of songs for voice and piano, works for piano solo, chamber works, works for chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra. His String Quartet was premiered by members of the London Bach Orchestra and his commissioned works Sound Logic and Requiescat were given their respective premiers by Premiere Ensemble, also of London. He is also dedicated to furthering the mission of the Cooperage Project, a small not-for-profit Organization based in Honesdale. The Cooperage works to cultivate social awareness and foster civic engagement in order to build a strong and vibrant community. We love Edward for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. His philosophy as an instructor is: "to give my students the tools they need to become well rounded, skillful and confident musicians". 

“Good teaching, then is much more than a process through which one person instructs another. The relationship between teacher and student is complementary. An effective teacher is a partner in learning. Teaching is a shared adventure.”

— Edward Cremo


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